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Killorglin Driving School, Irish Driving Test Questions & Answers

Q1. Question: What shape and colour is a warning sign?

Answer: Diamond Shaped – Yellow and Black Trim.

Q2. Question: What should always be kept clean on your vehicle?

Answer: Lights – Reflectors – Windows – Mirrors – Registration plate.

Q3. Question: What does a single yellow line mean?

Answer: Parking prohibited during business hours.

Q4. Question: What is the rule about passing animals on the road?

Answer: Slow down, give plenty of room, do not sound your horn or rev your engine.

Q5. Question: What are the road markings for a no-entry street?

Answer: Solid white line followed by a broken white line.

Q6. Question: What vehicles are prohibited from using a motorway?

Answer: Learner drivers, motorbikes under 50cc, invalid carriages or horse drawn vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Anything that cannot reach 50kms.

Q7. Question: What does a broken white line mean?

Answer: A broken white line means overtake when safe to do so.

Q8. Question: Can your reverse from a minor road on to a major road?

Answer: NO. You can however reverse from a major road to a minor road, being very aware of the possible following traffic.

Q9 Question: What does a double yellow line mean?

Answer: No parking at any time.

Q10 Question:What is the sequence of traffic lights?

Answer: Green – Amber – Red in a circular fashion.

Regulatory Traffic Signs

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