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We advise independently on any Web Consultation project, websites, eCommerce, CRM, SEO and Internet marketing. Call us for a chat today 087 7547-098. If your Designer/Developer does not get your website right they will give you the wrong solution. Or have you website on pages that are never looked at.

Tell us what you want to achieve online and we will work with you and your web providers to make it happen.

Web Design and Web Consultation

If you have a website provider we can advise you independently on what they should be doing for you. If you are not happy with the return on your website investment, cannot edit your website easily or cannot get good search ranking, talk to us about a Website that you can edit with ease.

We can analyse your project, website design, Digital Marketing plans and are happy to work with you, we are Ireland’s website providers, Marketeers to help you drive your sales online or assess the viability of your project.



The typical scope of the consults is:

  • assessment of your web needs and help with designing an implementation plan based on the assessment
  • information about current web technology
  • information about web-related services on our campus
  • interactions with web service providers on campus
  • help in designing a site that is usable and accessible
  • help in creating a long term maintenance, content and upgrade strategy for a sustainable web presence


The web consultant is a web-related service, combined with over a decade of experience in environment focusing on web presence and CMS.


There is no cost for consultations.