Become a blogger

For the beginner blogger

We will attempt to guide you to become a expert blogger, a persistant blogger.

This may seem obvious but many people. Deciding on a topic or group of closely related topic’s that your blog will revolve around is the most important thing you as a successful blogger will every do and use your blogging skill’s to your advantage, while increasing your skills.

Having a group of topic’s narrows your focus which in the long run will make you more creative and increase you blog post output. Your blog topic operates as this boundary. This doesn’t mean your blog can only focus on one thing but you should know what would fit in with your blog.

Many people have personal blogs where they discuss what they are doing, what they are interested in and their interests in general i.e. soccer or cooking.
Look closely and you will see there are some Blogs have rigid structures in place. These blogs are related to the blogger pasttimes, or something they find interesting.

These structures enable a lot of scope but give guidance on a day by day blogging. When it comes to blogs that are on a topic, such as Web Design or marketing for example, the structures become even more beneficial.

Just Keep at it (Writing)

While you may have great expectations of writing a grand opus as your first piece you should keep it simple. Keep it short, introduce yourself and what your blog will be examining and leave it at that!

For the first few months you need to keep your morale up by celebrating every post no matter how small or insignificant you think it may be. Once you get yourself into a rhythm you’ll be able to write longer and better posts and will thus be on your way to becoming a successful blogger.

Keep Writing on your website

To Just Keep Writing should be your mission statement. Having the persistence to keep writing is one of the most important things a blogger can have. The structures you have in place will only guide you,  you have that drive.

Reading something new every day. Will help to inspire you… Bring a note pad to take down topics related to your group of topics.

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