Caragh Lake

Caragh lake forest scenery


The rare Kerry slug was first discovered near this lake. The Kerry spotted slug, scientific name Geomalacus maculosus, is a rare species of medium-sized to large air-breathing land slug. It is a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusc in the family Arionidae, the rounded back slugs.

The lake and the Caragh River which feeds the lake flow into it at the southern extremity are well known to anglers and game shooters.

Caragh Lake indeed is a place to visit while in Kerry, it ideal area for those who love scenery.

The Lake and forest are Located 10 km south of Killorglin. Take the N70 (main ring of Kerry road) west from Killorglin for 8 km, pass the “Red Fox Inn”, take a left at sign for Caragh Lake, travel 4 km and take a right, travel 1 km to forest entrance on the left. Go up through forest road to car park there is many beautiful areas to explore here.

Caragh Lake, is a beautiful continuous area of water, embedded with broom and heather hills, one of the most beautiful spots in the World. Come here once and always want to come back.

Directions from Killorglin

Directions from Killorglin Co. Kerry to Caragh Lake

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