Killorglin Bar

Paud O’Neills traditional Bar Pub Killorglin County Kerry.


Ireland is famous for its pubs and bars and none other than Killorglin. With Ireland’s oldest street festival, its world famous for Bars/Public Houses.

"they talk about the pub at work and talk about work at the pub" 

Pauds it is a places where real people come to life.

Traditionally, the pub was the place where news was exchanged, stories swapped, company enjoyed and sometimes – where work was discussed.

They say in Ireland they talk about the pub at work and talk about work at the pub. Its quiet social to talk about you hopes and even get past experiences from friends or even eaves droppers in the pub.

The social importance of the local pub in history is not to be underestimated. For many, it was the only place where those living alone or isolated could gather over a pint or two to chat and exchange views on various topics including politics and sport. At the bar, news of absent friends, sick neighbours and distant family would travel as fast as the stout coming out of the taps. In farming communities, a good day at the livestock market would be celebrated in the pub afterwards. And of course at wakes or funerals alot was talked about and reminessed where stories were swapped and hero’s made.

You will find a great atmosphere, a fresh pot of coffee, or a tasty pint of your choosing. And, maybe, just maybe, on those beautiful sunny days that are only in Killorglin Kerry,

a genuine beer garden

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