Do I Need a Web Designer

Does Your business need a web designer?

If this is a question you are asking, ask yourself another, does my website need readers, am i hoping for income or do i have to make money from my website?

Why can’t i build my web site myself?

Of course you can, and that’s a fair enough if you are a “do-it-yourself” type of person, you might be wondering, if you really need a designer for your Web site.
After all, if you are building a business, why not have them grown together, especially if my website is simple and doesn’t require a lot of page.
You may even think that only the larger sites need maintenance and Web teams to create and manage all of the Web pages that they provide.

Like many website creators and business owners have discovered that they can do all or most of the work on their own i.e. text and some images, but not all business owners will have the time, the patients or the interest, or technical experience to create what they need.

And end up trowing up a bare home page with contact detail.

In such a case, employing the services of a Web designer for your site is a smart idea.

If every minute of every day is filled with work and client meetings, to go to. Do you feel you would be able to create design and develop the website in your free time, that would be best suited for your business?

Maybe you have a particular look in mind but do you know how to achieve it?

Have you purchased a template but are just not sure what to do with it, (talk to us, we do)?

Better again have you spotted another sites that has the look and feel, you want but you don’t know how to make it with your website theme or template?

Are you able to optimize your website to reach your target audience?
We guarantee first page results within 4 months.

Do you need a more customized solution to meet the needs of your customers and your personal tastes?

Do you have the time to make sure that the site functions properly, what happens if something goes wrong and you have to pay a designer/developer to put it right.

This may include such things as optimization for search engines, meta tag development, meta description writing, graphics design, and script and code development?

And what if you want a slider on top of your home page, do you know how?

Does your current website have functions that do not work properly and you don’t know how to fix them?

Have you heard of or used HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML, WordPress, or used standard coding techniques?

Is the website you will design be consistent throughout, standard header and footer and sidebar on your pages?

Please consider some of the questions above, you should probably consider at least consulting with, if not hiring, a web designer to help you with your design needs.

The word free is a double edged sword

the company in question are out to make money and when your stuck so deep into the hosting of the site, usually within a year they introduce charges like hosting and email address charge. As well as analytics etc.

We are web designer and consultants for Ireland and will charge you 300 euro

for a guaranteed page one website, this site will be finished for that price with free hosting for the first year.

For a sample case against free hosting i will choose my experience with

I was hired by a tour in ireland company that had a (free) hosted website with wix. The website itself could not be found on google search and i talking we both (me and the client) went as far as page 35 and gave up.

Their little catch was a free website but they had to pay €76.00 of an email on the site. And if he wanted to get in popular their was a further charge with plugins and vouchers i.e. facebook.

Customers say: » Only 1 star because ZERO stars is not an option.

I am seeing more and more people on As a web designer and SEO specialist, I can not stress enough that you are wasting your time and money using
Building a company website on Wix is a bad idea, if you plan on sticking around for the long run
by Craig Smith

Another point is as Google have stated flash player provide NO search engine value to websites.

These sites are slow and loaded with these flash players.

As for to transfer it back to godaddy hosting – thats another 3 day story.

And of course you will not see a bad word about them unless you look through the reviews because they are constantly posting pages and post of how they better compare against other comapnies or platforms. And how much better their deal is.

Best Advise is stay away from free hosted Websites

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