10+ Kerry Saying

Top Rated Kerry Slang words and sayings

1. Car, bog, for rain

2. Soft Day

3. Go on Our Dat cork boy

4. Fresh Day

5. Can’t Drink Fog

6. Tick Tock

7. All Of The Time

8. Shades

9. Alright Boss

10. Gout

1. I Will In My Fuck

2. She Had A Face Like A Lump Of Wet Turf

3. As Bent As an S hook

4. Harping

5. He Couldn’t Punch A Hole Through A Wet Paper Bag or knock snow off a rope

6. A Face Like A Slapped Arse

7. F*ck Me Pink And Call Me Ronold

8. You’d Swear It Was A F**kin Arctic Truck She Was Driving

9. Hup Outa Dat

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