Websites mean local business

Page one Website can mean more local business

Even if you’re primarily have a business based on location i.e. a shop, having a solid web site can mean more business. Local client often perform seaches online and find your web site, contact details etc, encouraging them to walk into your stop.

If they find your competitors and they look more reputable or have a more solid presence on the web than yours or if they have a web site and you don’t, you are losing business, because of your web site or lack of one. And, if you are mentioned in the media or on review sites, you’ll need a web site to help people find you.
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Getting your business found in online search google

Local business owners

spend a lot of time thinking about Search Engines, and how to use them to get better results on their sites.
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Remember that a search is not just a search. A slow search loses customers. Surveys continually show you have 4 seconds or less to capture or keep someone’s attention on the web. This means slow does not work for business

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